For the first edition of FACES, we are inviting residents from some of Europe’s most forward-thinking techno-hubs. Both Antigone and Francois X from Concrete (Paris) and Kobosil, resident at the infamous Berghain (Berlin) are heading over to Antwerp.

ANTIGONE (Concrete Music, Token Records), FR
Digging for more than ten years this young vinyls’ collector really knows the sevens ways to make you jack. Open to many genres, Antigone is one of the young parisian dj/producers at the vanguard of French techno. Focused on the emotions and the atmosphere of his work, Antonin acts with a real concern of sincerity and authenticity.

KOBOSIL (Berghain, MDR), DE

When you’re talking about Kobosil today, you’ll need to talk about life goals: to become an artist, to be an artist. Max Kobosil, born in 1991, grew up in Berlin in post-Wende times of structural change, he discovered Techno when it emerged from sub culture into modernity, from an early stage he was determined to contribute his share to the city and genre as well as coining both.

FRANCOIS X (Concrete), FR

Francois X has steadily established himself as a key character in the burgeoning techno movement in Paris. DJ and producer, his unique musical style, whether alone or as Hiss : 1292 (his collaborative project with Opuswerk) puts the listener into a hypnotic trance by its cinematic and vivid atmosphere. Following ten years of relentless djing, Dj Deep, a friend and mentor of long date produced his first three records on Deeply Rooted. These releases not only gave his production the strongest public introduction possible but also allowed for one of his works to be revisited by Marcel Dettmann.