Ampere invites Freude am Tanzen’s head honcho Mathias Kaden featuring his Antwerp label friends Sons of Tiki, supported by Ampere-residents Delbaen and Calvache


MATHIAS KADEN (Freude am Tanzen, Vakant), DE

After 15 years of being a DJ and more then 1500 gigs Mathias still hasn’t lost his addictive enthusiasm which has given special moments to fans on dancefloors all over the world. Whether it is opening, primetime or aftershow, Mathias’ intuition for the crowd and location proves each time again that he lives for his profession. His music is both distinctly ambitious and refreshing. Following the house music of the 90s, he works thoroughly to create new sound structures



Sons of Tiki are the all analog DJ duo from Europe’s city of diamonds and has been around the scene for about 10 years. In 2013 the Sons considered the world ready for Tiki and kickstarted their discography with Vakant’s 49th instalment ‘Seven Changes’. More Tiki to come all over you soon, as their newest release on Vakant is currently in stores.


DELBAEN (Sound Architecture, Ampere)

Early confrontations with disco, soul, funk, hiphop and house made Ampere-resident Delbaen realise there was more to music than your average radioshow. As technology became more and more advanced during his youth, with hi-tech as a magic word, it was obvious that he’s build for electronic music, the sound of the future. After moving to Antwerp things started rollin’. A weekly techno-show at a local radiostation, a passage at the legendary USA Import-studio and the splendid summer vibes at the Sunday Matinee outdoor parties led to new friendships, which were essential to what he’s become today. Developing himself as a producer with a strong debut release named “Polyfinario EP” on the Sound Architecture Records imprint, Setting the tone of what’s yet to come.


CALVACHE (Sound Architecture, Ampere)



Doors: 23h

Tickets: €12