Take-over by the Dutch house label SlapFunk Records with Samuel Deep, Julian Alexander and Ingi Visions. Supported by Lunar (Abstrkt) and MVMNT (Vice City).



SAMUEL DEEP (Slapfunk Records), NL

Sylvestro Tjon Sack Kie aka Samuel Deep is a young house-DJ and -producer, born and raised in Utrecht. He is the founder and co-owner of SlapFunk, an infamous party host and label. Today he really have claimed his spot in the Dutch scene. If he’s not playing parties, Samuel spends most of his time crate digging. Black gold is pretty much the love of his life and his collection is steadily growing. Samuel Deep owes his short but successful career to modesty, dedication and ambition. If there ‘s anyone outthere who knows how to rock the crowd, it’s this guy. Wherever. Whenever.


JULIAN ALEXANDER (Slapfunk Records), NL

His family tree stands in the steep jungle of Surinam, but Julian Alexander grew up in Slapfunk’s hometown Utrecht. With his brother DJ/producer Samuel Deep around, he already got the hang of producing when he was still a teenager. Now that he released his first new EP ‘Hustlin’ (Dungeon Meat), he’s catching the attention of music sites like juno.co.uk, where he is praised for his “meaty, stripped down minimalism”.


INGI VISIONS (Slapfunk Records), NL

Samuel Deep + Julian Alexander


LUNAR (Abstrkt)

MVMNT (Vice City)

Doors: 23h