Currently, we follow all developments closely day by day. We reduced our capacity to 900 visitors on Saturday and 600 visitors on Friday. We consult daily with the local government and experts on this matter. We already took extra health and safety measures last week and will keep incorporating them. At the moment all of our events are still happening and the club remains open with extra safety measures.

– Only single-use recycled plastics at the bar for all drinks.
– All bar staff uses hygienic gloves.
– Limited use of Lime and Lemons only at the cocktail bar.
– Temperature scanners are used at the entrance for body temperature, Fever cases can not enter.
– We advise visitors who are sick or have a fever to stay home.
– We advise visitors to wash their hands a few times.
– Everybody will have access to the toilets all night for the price of a single visit.
– We advise everybody to use lockers! Bags and Jackets found in the location are being taken from the venue.

If an event needs to be canceled we’ll first try to postpone it to a later date and tickets can remain valid. If an event is canceled and can not be postponed, visitors will automatically get a refund. At this point, we did cancel all youth and socio-cultural gatherings during the week such as student nights and school meetings.
For the weekend events, please follow our updates and mail outs or event pages.

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