It is with great sadness but also with a good heart that we have decided to close until further notice. The safety of our visitors, artists, and crew goes above all and is the most important for us at this moment.

Please check all the event pages for all new dates to be announced today. Please do not contact us for ticket refunds or questions as we will contact all ticketholders and communicate through social media, our news page on the website and via the event pages.

We hope you can try to understand that the decisions made are very drastic for us, the scene and for our existence. You can also help to support by less ego and more creativity we like you to read the below message by Kyle Geiger before you take action. As we could not state it better than Kyle’s words.

If you have presales for an event that got canceled in your city, consider that the people who are putting a lot on the line to keep a scene going are probably going to get hit hard. It’s gonna be your choice, but please consider not seeking a refund to help cushion the huge losses all these places are inevitably going to take in the days and weeks to come. If we leave it up to a select to absorb the blows of this and don’t look for ways we can personally sacrifice, this could devastate a lot of smaller scenes, promotors, and locations that you rely on and love.

We will keep you all updated throughout all our channels.

Please remain calm and stay safe.
We can overcome this together