There is no doubt, the COVID-19 virus hits our event and music sector extremely hard. We were the first to close the doors, and will probably be the last to open.

Nevertheless, there is a great sense of solidarity among everyone in our industry, and our 3 clubs now want to emphasize this by doing a joint live stream and show unity, love and respect. Every club provides a resident DJ to represent them and the sets will be broadcasted via a Livestream on all the socials of the three clubs powered by Radio FG, Powerbox and the Lindner Hotel Antwerp.

Pirrès is representing Ampere, Bocain for Club Vaag and Swart shows his love for TheCommon.

By example, the clubs want to show that their scene and community are stronger in unity than our invisible enemy. We strive to come out stronger by working together as one. In addition, we want to show their visitors “who miss the clubs and the unity” some love and reward them for the effort made to respect the measures.

To create a link with the city of Antwerp, the city we love and represent, the stream is recorded with a panoramic view of our harbor city from the Lindner hotel, showcasing talent with as backdrop the city and people we love.

Livestream⎢19h00 – 22h00 | Ampere, Club Vaag, TheCommon Facebook pages and Radio FG xtra 107.0

Powered by
Lindner Hotels & Resorts
Pioneer DJ Belgium
PowerBox Official
FG Xtra

Stay Safe and Stay Strong
Let us rise together ♥

All sets were prerecorded, no artist was physically in the same place at the same time and the booth was cleaned in between each set.