We are back this Friday with a very special live broadcast celebrating the 50th birthday of a Belgium legend who has been serving our scene with electronic mayhem for 35 years. A true icon of the Belgium electronic scene: Yves Deruyter.
So for this occasion, we broadcast live from the Ampere main room with a special exclusive set up featuring the whole system at work, the only minor difference is that we bring it to your living room.


broadcasted on FG Xtra 107 FM
& streamed on Ampere: https://www.facebook.com/ampereantwerp
and via Yves Deruyteryter: https://www.facebook.com/yvesderuyterofficialpage

powered by SLASH9.tv
Vlad Solovov, Tobias Allard, Beau Van Hoydonck, TULPA
Supported and made possible by Absolut.

This set will be recorded respecting the social distancing rules, security, and hygiene measures. Support the good causes we promote during the live stream in the comment section.

Stay Safe and Stay Strong
And let us rise together as one ♥