Ampere got featured in Flanders Todaythe official website of the Flanders Region. As you can read, they’re digging our concept:

“If you’re the kind of person who shops at zero-waste supermarkets and prefers public transport to being stuck in traffic, you’ll love Ampere. Founder Joachim Marynen calls it “the first sustainable club in Belgium,” and he doesn’t take the title lightly. (…) He sees Ampere as part of an urban pioneering project and hopes it will help revive the neighbourhood in a way similar to the development of once-shady, now-trendy boroughs like downtown LA, London’s Hackney and Kreuzberg in Berlin. (…) The efforts towards neighbourhood and environment are praiseworthy and got Ampere the blessing of the city of Antwerp, but that doesn’t make the club soft. The core business here is in throwing world-class parties, and the opening event with superstar DJ Laurent Garnier last month has already gone down in local rave history.”
– Flanders Today (06/06/15)

Thanks for the kind words!