On Friday the 18th of February we finally take back our lives.

After persistent uncertainty, no prospects and the current financial situation we find ourselves in, a unified nightlife sector has decided to take matters into its own hands. It has been enough, we too are standing up.

The Flemish, Walloon and Brussels clubs and event venues, which have been abandoned for far too long without any prospects and insufficient financial support since November 2021, are taking a national initiative to reopen their doors at our usual times.

With this action, the sector wants to clearly show that things can be done differently and also safely, in such a way that we should never have to close down again.
We hope to welcome you all ❤️
Lineup to be announced, expect a proper rave
bring a €2 coin for the lockers
Covid Safe Ticket regulations apply, we expect more details about Covid measures on Friday.
We stand united against all forms of racism, bigotry, sexism and violence.
Let’s enjoy the night with solidarity, respect & love.