🌟 Join the Ampere Ambassador Team! 🌟

Ready to take the nightlife scene by storm? Are you a party-starting, energy-infused rave aficionado? Get in on the action and become an Ambassador for Ampere!

As an Ambassador, you’ll be the life of the party, spreading the word about Ampere and its mind-blowing program. Join our crew and become an essential part of our buzzing community while unlocking incredible rewards along the way.

🎉 What’s in it for you? 🎉

1️⃣ Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy an epic lineup of perks and rewards made exclusively for our awesome Ambassadors. Score free tickets to every event, rock our trendy merchandise like tote bags and t-shirts, and gain exclusive behind-the-scenes access during special occasions.

2️⃣ Unforgettable Moments: Dive headfirst into the electrifying world of nightlife, featuring a stellar cast of international superstars and mind-blowing local talents. As an Ambassador, you’ll be front and center at Ampere’s hottest events, creating memories that will reverberate through the ages.

3️⃣ Networking Nirvana: Mix and mingle with influential personalities, renowned artists, and industry insiders. Our venue is a hotbed of creativity and innovation, offering you the chance to expand your network and forge invaluable connections. Your voice and ideas will be heard!

4️⃣ Personal Growth: Fine-tune your event promotion, marketing, and communication skills, becoming a true master of spreading the word about our extraordinary venue. Gain valuable experience that will skyrocket your career and open doors to thrilling opportunities.

🌟 How to become an Ambassador? 🌟

We’re seeking vibrant individuals ready to champion our venue and share our electrifying vision with the world. If you’re an Ampere regular, bursting with energy, passion, and a desire to make a difference, then this role is tailor-made for you!

Your mission? Pump up the volume by distributing posters, dropping off flyers, and dishing out free tickets to ignite curiosity and ensure our events reach every nook and cranny of the city. Spread the buzz online by sharing our events, inviting friends, and fueling the conversation. You’ll be the catalyst that unites people and creates mind-blowing experiences.

Join our squad of exceptional Ambassadors and be part of something truly legendary. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to shine as an Ambassador for our sensational venue!

To apply, shoot an email to oscar@ampere-antwerp.be and damian@ampere-antwerp.be. Let’s light up the nightlife together and celebrate in style!

🌟 Get ready to inspire, mesmerize, and dance the night away! 🌟