Afterparty for the Warm Rave with Session Victim (Live), No Shit Like Deep, Supreems and Arne, hosted by Ampere.

Tickets: €7 (€5 with Warm Rave bracelet)



The late James Brown aside, you won’t find anyone with a more visceral connection with soul than Session Victim in the midst of a DJ set. Their live set pitches the energy levels up even further, the frenzied head banging of two friends jamming like their lives depend on it, now a signature scene.

Since the success of their bedroom-produced debut LP took them a little by surprise in 2012, Hauke Freer and Matthias Reiling have formalised their ad hoc studio jams and fanatical sampling sessions into something resembling a schedule, but besides that, refreshingly nothing much has changed about the friendship spanning two decades and a regular Hamburg to Berlin studio exchange.

With their record collections spanning several decades of hip hop, funk and soul as well as frequently vinyl-only house and techno selections, it’s their passion for uncovering dusty vinyl treasures and the soul that can be captured on a miniature moment in wax that inspires both their DJ sets and production environment.


NO SHIT LIKE DEEP (Urgent.FM, Ampere)


ARNE (Sound Architecture, Ampere)


Doors: 23h



More info about the Warm Rave can be found here.