Antwerp, what’s up? September 14st, your favorite guests are back with the best Hip Hop, R & B, Dancehall, and fun! This edition is extra special and is completely dedicated to the women’s month at Vunzige Deuntjes!

You will undoubtedly have noticed that women’s rights and sexism are topics that are increasingly in the news and are the order of the day. For that reason, the entire month of September, only female artists are on the line-up during the club events of Vunzige Deuntjes. We want to focus not only on an appropriate platform for these DJs but actually on bigger problems such as sexism and unwanted intimacies in the nightlife or beyond.

Who runs the world? We all do that but in September just the ladies! LOVE!

Tabitha (live)
April Gray
DJ Nitsa
Christal Empire
Hosted by: Pink Oculus

Age: 18+
Location: Ampere, Antwerp
Time: 23.00 – 06.00