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Ampere cannot work without the help of volunteers. Do you like night culture, music and always wanted to meet your favorite artist in person? Then keep on reading!

Around 120 volunteers in different teams keep our venue running. Are you enthusiastic, motivated and do you like our work? Then you can be part of a team, get experience and build a network.

Our volunteers have a wide variety of tasks. You can find them selling tokens, doing the bar, toilets, taking care of the light and sound, cleaning, promotion, you can name it.

Depending on your wishes, you can reach out to us for helping us out once in a while or taking even greater responsibilities. We provide you with coaching, education and compensations.

Would you like more info? Send us a mail. 

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Volunteer of the month: Maxim Quardon

maxime quardon ampere volunteer


Maxime Quardon has been sound technician in Ampere since March 2016, when he was helping during We Play House. He came in touch with our venue for the first time as the merch guy for R&S Records.

A: What are your tasks as a technician in Ampere?

M: I prepare the booth according to the artist’s wishes, make sure everything is working perfectly, helping dj’s to set up if they have extra gear with them, do soundchecks, make sure they feel ok during the act. And of course, checking the volume levels, make some small adjustments throughout the night to maintain a nice sound dynamic. Once in a while I have to order gear we don’t have, do some maintainance and unbuild when the event is over.

A: What has been the most challenging task for you to carry out?

M: I’d say that the biggest challenge for me is to cope with artists’ requirements. Some are technically very concerned and very demanding when others are more adaptable. Sometimes it happens that an artist asks for a speficic kind of set up when the second artist playing right after him asks for something completely different.

A: You meet a lot of interesting artists. What has been your favourite encounter?

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