Tech house is back – and so is Visitor Records, Belgium’s biggest tech house record label. Almost 18 years after the last release, label owner Fred Nasen and N.E.W.S. Records are making the entire catalogue available digitally for the first time via Bandcamp , Beatport , Apple Music, Spotify & YouTube

After trance and UK hardcore, there’s another ‘forgotten’ genre that’s making a comeback in the DJ-booths of Europe’s hottest nightclubs. Tech house didn’t always enjoy the best reputation, but a new generation of artists is discovering what made the early pioneers fall in love with the genre in the early 2000s. In Belgium, Fred Nasen was the undisputable main man of tech house, operating one of the genre’s most renowned record label, Visitor Records, which released over 40 records between 2000 and 2006 – some with the biggest names in the game.

Terry Francis & Nathan Coles are one of tech-house most important artists. In 1994, they set up a party in South London called Wiggle, which later became one of the genre’s key label. The label, still to this day, holds a very special place in the hearts of the UK’s underground community. The sound and community grew in the late nineties, promoting and pushing the same ethos of the acid house movement: an unpretentious atmosphere where everyone could feel at home and have a good time. Beside the legendary parties happening at The End or Fabric, the label has released over 30 releases, mostly produced by a small circle of producers such as Eddie Richards, Silverlining, Mark Ambrose and of course Terry Francis and Nathan Coles. The story of one of the most misunderstood genre in electronic music is set to continue with a recent revival of the genre and we’re here to embrace this long awaited comeback.

Lock in for an evening with London legends Terry Francis (Fabric, Wiggle, UK) & Nathan Coles (Wiggle, Get Fucked, UK) and support by Fred Nasen (Visitor Records), Sixsixsixties (Spek, BE) & Joachim (Sound Architecture)