Attention Vice citizens!

It’s 2019 and we kick off the new year on the 8th of February at Antwerp’s most central and biggest venue Ampere.
This time we put on our cardigans and join Bill Murray on the golf court for another great day of golf sport!
Expect a night full of Looney Tunes with your favorite downtown heroes and some very special guests…



When Byron The Aquarius talks about live frequencies, his enthusiasm is infectious. A keys player by trade, Byron’s love for melody and harmony has consistently drawn the attention of electronic music’s leading labels and producers. Byron’s strongest performance is when he gets a synth pushed in his hands along with his own productions,
And that’s exactly what we are going to do: Come and experience Theo Parrish’ eye apple on Sound Signature, playing live on a MOOG hybrid wise along with records!

San Soda ( BE / MTMU )

San Soda is known in underground music circles as a real record collector. It shows in his predictably unpredictable DJ sets, which are made up of carefully chosen gems unearthed after years of digging. Classic house and techno with a rough, Chicago and Detroit bent is his main preference, interspersed with cheerful disco, enchanting Afro or timeless electro cuts. Preferring extended sets with proper rotary mixers, he is a gimmick-free selector who avoids tricks and effects. Instead, he allows the music to play out as it was intended, always with an underlying sense of cohesion. Born in Belgium but living in Berlin, San Soda represents its country on an international level like no other.

Vice City
ft. Arno Lemons, Dj Boats, Juicy ‘the Dj’ & Lil Lawaw

Having celebrated the fifth anniversary of their Antwerp based concept, the Vice City collective sure knows how to throw a party. Not only as promotors but also behind the decks as they’ve been warming up and closing down their legendary nights featuring the likes of Antal, Pender Street Steppers, Dan Shake… With every resident pushing his own unique style, their sets provide a well-balanced mishmash of everything from funk to acid, house to electro and back again. At their parties, you can imagine yourself being in the city where a party is a duty and work is a sin. A place where every stranger could be a friend and where everyone is more than welcome.
Going from hosting all-nighters in run-down bars to regular visits to Dimensions Festival in Croatia, the collective developed itself in one of the mainstays in Belgian nightlife.
After winning the Red Bull Elektropedia award for best party, they’ve decided to expand their territory even further to spread the hedonistic love.

Together behind the wheels of steel, the residents touch a wide spectrum of electronic dance music, from disco to acid, from afro to Chicago, from exotic rarities to forgotten local heritage; the trip these four gentlemen take you on is one of a kind.

With love,
The ministery of Vice City