Did you know you can rent Ampere for your private events? PR presentations, student parties, workshops, conferences, networking evenings, photo shoots, closet sales and dance performances – we’ve done it all and we hope to do much more.

Kasko is the department within Ampere that handles our space during weekdays and the summer, providing private organisations with an all-inclusive location: bar, lockers, professional sound system and lights, security: our team handles all the practical and technical aspects.

The venue is versatile and flexible: depending on the event, Ampere can be arranged following your needs. For smaller events, you can use our café Bar Volt, which fits about 150 people.

Located near Antwerp’s central station, the 780 m² building is easy to reach for everyone and even has a bike parking.

We offer support and affordable options for students and people under 26 running a non-profit.

Interested? Drop us an e-mail or come visit us for more information!