Here’s a little throwback of Renaat Vandepapeliere rocking the “R&S Records In Order To Dance Ghent night” A production by Ampere at Kompass earlier this year. For those who missed out, we are happy to invite you for the return of “R& S Records In order to dance Antwerp” with a selection of artists curated by R&S Records, such as: James Ruskin, Levon Vincent, Paula Temple and SYNKRO performing live on stage at Ampere.

R&S event:
Ampere tickets:

This was R&S Records at Kompass Ghent, an Ampere production.

Recorded at R&S Records in order to dance Ghent, an Ampere production in coöperation with R&S and Kompass. Video edits by Frank De Wulf, Intro and Outro animation by Mediaontwerpers & Spacemonkeys.