Ampere proudly presents THE PHARCYDE

Chosen as one of the happy few to host this not to miss treat for all you hip hop heads out there. On the 7th of December the BIZARRE RIDE 2 – tour by The Pharcyde will be passing by for a show on Antwerp’s finest sound systems at Ampere for a live concert.

Released during the dominant Gangster Rap era of West Coast Hip hop, Bizarre Ride was described as refreshing due to its playful, light hearted humor, lush, jazzy production. It helped establish a new alternative scene on the West Coast. Several changes have taken place within the group throughout the years, but the results are fresher than ever. Joining us are Original members and producer J-Swift, SlimKid 3, LA Jay and K-Natural.


Bizarre Ride 2 – The Pharcyde

As the L.A.-based quartet introduced listeners to a vision of earthy hip-hop informed by P-Funk silliness and an everybody-on-the-mic street-corner atmosphere that highlights the incredible rapping skills of each member. With multiple voices freestyling over hilarious story-songs like “Oh Shit,” “Soul Flower,” the dozens contest “Ya Mama,” and even a half-serious driving-while-black critique named “Officer,” Bizarre ride 2 – The Pharcyde proved Daisy Age philosophy akin to De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest wasn’t purely an East Coast phenomenon. Skits and interludes with live backing only enhance the freeform nature of the proceedings, and the group even succeeds when not reliant on humor, as proved by the excellent heartbreak tale “Passing Me By.” The production, by J-Swift and the group, is easily some of the tightest and most inventive of any hip-hop record of the era.

Keep an eye out on this event page for the support acts.

Doors: 20:00
Showtime: 21:30