Lost Flight, freq444’s debut EP on Ampere Records

, an envisioning of the period it was created: amidst the first lockdown of 2020. With deep basslines, floating ambient synths and etheric breaks, it not only acts as an introduction to freq444’s sounds but also as a look into the confusing and dystopian time it was created in.

A Permanent State of Boredom sets the tone by opening the EP with swelling soundscapes and broken breaks, to end with an ethereal arpeggiated synth. Title track Lost Flight showcases freq444’s ability to combine crisp percussion and breaks with atmospheric, elegant synth lines, while Stuck In A Red Zone embodies the desire for freedom by putting alternating analog riffs with heavy kick drums on display.

Lost Flight EP – freq444
1. A Permanent State Of Boredom
2. Lost Flight
3. Stuck In A Red Zone