Ondergronds / Bovengronds presents:

One of the most authentic and talented artists in Belgian music history comes to Ampere. Roland Van Campenhout is already 74 years old, but with his new album “Folksongs From A Non Existing Land” he delivered one of the artistic highlights of his career.

Earlier this year he played for a sold-out Roma, but with his quirky and legendary live reputation, no two live Roland concerts are ever the same. This time he will perform with the famous jazz drummer Teun Verbruggen. Don’t miss it!

Dries Bongaerts is also a singer-songwriter of exceptional class. His debut album was released last year, with beautiful songs reminiscent of Bob Dylan, C.W. Stoneking or Townes Van Zandt. Live it can also rock pretty hard, and certainly when guitarist Arno Goossens is on stage.