April 1st is clearly late this year, a day without laughter is a day not lived, they must have thought at the government.

“The joke” became a pointless and unclear new policy that is totally not based on true facts that could be traced back to a real cause (nightlife as a hotbed) so the basis for this conclusion is far fetched.

The lack of clarity and confusion and the speed with which we as a sector have been caught and the almost impossible task to organise ourselves properly and make everything safe and feasible have made us decide to close the doors again for this coming Friday. 

In collaboration with the Berlin team of “Perlon” and the man behind the label, Zip, we decided that this is not the ideology to proceed with a night like Ampere invites Perlon. With mouth masks or doubles tests and allot of hassle is just not us.

Due to the unnecessary panic climate created by our government, the ticket sale was due to all uncertainty and scare making also at a complete standstill the last week. It is therefore with great pain in our hearts that we have decided to postpone Friday’s event to a new date in late February or early March. More information will follow this week. Tickets will of course remain valid for this date and other people will again receive vouchers.

Our ticket partner, “See-tickets”, will contact all ticket holders in the coming days. 

This also applies to all other currently rescheduled events. These ticket holders will also receive communication from us in the coming weeks. This concerns for example Len Faki, Laurent Garnier, Borokov Borokov, David Vunk and Denis Sulta and DJ Boring.

As a visitor, please remember that for us as Ampere and for all our colleagues in our industry, this is a very sour financial apple that we have to swallow once again. Your support is the only thing that can keep us going at this moment. So keep supporting us and the scene and do not let fear rule. We will always do our utmost as a team to make sure everything runs as smoothly and safely as possible, although this is not entirely feasible for this weekend.

This Saturday will go ahead as planned. And we will make it a full on party. This evening is sold out and will continue and should therefore become an unforgettable night. Hereby we will all share the responsibility for this weekend. As a visitor, you can decide whether you wear a mouth mask or prefer to take a self-test. Note we are promotors not police or guards so it is not our job to control you once you have entered. Because it is impossible for us as a sector to properly organise this fast and the government here once again lets us down, we will use a tolerance policy this Saturday.

The rules imposed are impossible to get in order for this weekend.
Placing a test center is not feasible in this short time.

For those who do not have a ticket, there will probably be tickets available at the door and also through “Ticket Swap” online. Do not live in fear but stay safe. Watch yourself and the people around you.

The CST scan will be STRICT as before. For this Saturday we will therefore again create a Berlin “Berghain Panoramabar” rule and after we check you the COVID SAFE APP you will get a very nice sticker on the camera of your phone.

In the meantime, we are working behind the scenes in cooperation with the city and the club sector and all colleagues and partners to find a workable system to implement the new rules in a decent way. But until then, don’t be discouraged and

support your nightlife this weekend as never before, as we all need your support.
Let’s go underground and create memories that last.

With lots of love

Team Ampere.