NASTIA (propaganda records) UA
SPECIAL REQUEST (aka paul woolford) UK
JURAS LIETUS LIVE (studio r – wavereform) RU

It’s been a while since my last visit to Antwerp with my Propaganda night. If last time it was with the most outstanding Romanian figures as Rhadoo and Pedro, this time I come with a new resident of my label Juras Lietus, who is going to play a strong futuristic-sound live set you don’t expect, and UK hero Special Request famous for his specific broken drum and bass influenced music.

Juras Lietus is an alter ego of legendary Russian DJ Anton Kubikov, who is also a part of SCSI-9 project. His deep and versatile knowledge about music is coming out in his analog live set as an absolutely intelligent techno sound with acid and hypnotic elements.

Special Request is an alter ego of Paul Wolford represents the greatest mix of techno, garage, and drum and bass. His music is recognizable and has left a strong mark on the sound today – no one else is producing something like he does.
Trust me, Ampere never sounded like that and it’s gonna be surprising for those who are looking for something different, interesting and fresh. To be curious is healthy and good for your knowledge.

Come over and join me for PROPAGANDA night at Ampere

with ❤ Nastia.

Regular presale 10 €

Doors 23:00 till 07:00