Mystic Rhythms is a new concept dedicated to the worshippers of rhythm and lovers of outsiders dance music, with a strong emphasis on vinyl culture and a return to primitive ways of clubbing. Mystic Rhythmz intends to put back forward the values of hard workmanship, passion and integrity, with creative takes on house and techno music deeply rooted in the 90’s. Listen with an open mind, dance with an open heart. Discover below your snake charmers for the night.
Highlighted by Trommel as one of 12 must-see artist on the rise, Hicham shows you that to stand out as a DJ-only artist, you have to be quite exceptional at unearthing hidden away musical gems. And Hicham is exactly that. From his performances at Klub Dramatik, Atipik, C12 or Cartulis, he has absolutely destroyed dance floors with unique-soundings records that slipped through the cracks of popularity. Put your phones away, even a Shazam from the future won’t be able to identify his tunes.
One of Brussel’s big brothers. He runs the adventurous Basic Moves imprint, experimenting across the borders of house, techno and electro. The label rephrases sounds and influences spanning multiple generations while keeping a outsider’s spirit at heart. Schooled in the records shops of the capital (Dr. Vinyl, Crevette Records), Walrus is a gifted DJ and producer, and he knows a thing or two about hard workmanship. His sets are carefully crafted assaults on what club music is often perceived to be. Walrus is not afraid to unbalance and dislocate his audience, confronting people with his definition of intent, groove and musical space,
building up a quirky tension that is as serious as it is open-minded.
French born now living in Antwerp and active since 2014 as a DJ, one of Ampere’s new resident and manager at Sound Architecture records. Always digging for new records, as if his life depended on it, he showcases a strong knowledge of electronic music. Context is everything, and his ability to adapt to the situation and the moment has gained him the respect from his older peers. His sets can be as intense as hypnotic, with a common divisor in monstrous bass lines and enchanted rhythms.
YELA | be
Whilst growing up in England, Yela developed a strong passion for electronic music from an early age and started collecting vinyl records in his teens. Influenced by the U.K. house scene, Yela is a selector and collector of old rarities, breaks and groovy bass lines. As one third of the Antwerp based ‘Best Served Cold’ collective, Yela pushes minimalistic music among a new generation of partygoers.