In the early 2000s, with a few banging riffs and a couple clever lyrics, rock music was brought back to life.
Two decades later, two bands of that era are facing each other in a Showdown of Proper Proportions.
On the one hand, a band NME called “the Saviours of Rock&Roll”, on the other, the one they named “Our Generation’s Most Important Band”. Who is more worthy of your love and adoration? The postpunkers who started it all, or the britpoppers who took it to another level? Prepare yourself for the Definitive Rock-Off: 2001 vs. 2006, New York vs Sheffield … The Strokes vs. Arctic Monkeys.

♫ The Music Will Be Provided By: ♫
Live show by
1) New York City Cops – The Strokes Tribute band
2) The Monkeys – Arctic Monkeys Tribute band
1) Olly Ameen (London Calling resident)
2) Brett Summers (AB, De Roma,