Last Nite
We felt so down
We felt left out
It turned us off

But Tonight
We’re turning round
We’re walking out that door …
And heading straight to Ampère to party like we never have before.

Join us Oct 29
To sing and shout and dance your cares away to the best indie/rock&roll tunes
To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Game-changing album “Is This It?” By The Strokes

To revel in life, love and music

Because we must
Because we can
The people, your girlfriends, even spaceships will understand.

♫ The Music Will Be Provided By: ♫
Live Show by: New York City Cops (The Van Jets + Team William members) Europe #1 The Strokes Tribute.
1) Olly Ameen – London Calling, Belgium Soul Train,
2) Brett Summers –
3) 7 Inch Army (Radio Willy)

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