R U…

A Fluorescent Adolescent?
A Sexy Little Swine?
A Certified Mind Blower?
A Wannabe Yours
or R U Mine?

Rarer than a can of Dandelion and Burdock?
A Robot from 1984?
Whatever people say You Are,
I Bet. That You. Look Good.
Banging Tunes and DJ sets
On A Dirty Dancefloor.
Get on your Dancing Shoes already, London is Calling (P.S. we’re high).
Suck It And See You at Ampere on Friday the 1st of April.
Yours As Always,


♫ The Music Will Be Provided By: ♫
Live Show by: Spastic Monkeys (Europe No.1 Arctic Monkeys Tribute)
1) Olly Ameen (London Calling resident)
2) Eppo Janssen (Pukkelpop, Willy Radio, Duyster)
3) 7 Inch Army