Klub Dramatik and Ampere are proud to welcome the founder and A&R of Life and Death recordings: DJ TENNIS

Manfredi Romano aka dj Tennis grew up tour-managing punk bands and organizing left-field music events in Italy around the turn of the Millennium. Having completed his studies in computer science at the University of Pisa, Manfredi went on to form DAZE, Italy’s first booking agency solely devoted to electronic music. Drawing on two decades of experience behind the scenes, Romano shifted focus in 2010, establishing himself as a DJ in his own right. As a performer, Tennis valiantly showcases an astute ability to create intimacy in even the vastest of gatherings. As a respected producer, Romano consistently channels his past relationships with post-rock luminaries such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Tortoise, and Fugazi into intricately-synthesized electronic constellations. Fine chef and restaurant owner, Tennis splits his time between Miami and Barcelona, where he enjoys riding motorbikes, collecting vintage action-figures and building upon his vinyl record collection – which now numbers over eleven- thousand strong.

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