JOHN THE CLUB is about to make his debut at Ampere. JTC welcomed previous guests such as Cormac, I-F, Roman Flügel, Krystal Klear in Antwerp, Brussels and Gent. The journey continued with stage hostings at XO and WECANDANCE including guests such as Peggy Gou, Young Marco,Jennifer Cardini, David Vunk, Paula Tape, Chaos in the CBD, Skatbård,… just to name a few….For this 9th issue, John invited longtime friend and Running Back honcho Gerd Janson for an extended set of ecstatic dancing.

Gerd Janson is an electrifying force in the world of house and techno, with a reputation as one of the most highly respected and versatile DJs on the scene. He has rocked dance floors across the globe, from Australia to Japan, and earned critical acclaim from top media outlets like Resident Advisor, Groove Magazine, and de:bug. As the mastermind behind Running Back, Janson has worked with a who’s who of artists, including Tensnake, Todd Terje, Maurice Fulton, and Theo Parrish, bringing cult favorites and mainstream hits alike to dance music enthusiasts around the world.
Janson’s genre-free philosophy and eclectic tastes have made him a sought-after performer at clubs and festivals alike. He’s played alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, including Masters at Work, Moodymann, and Robert Hood, and held down a residency at Frankfurt’s legendary Robert-Johnson club since 2000, where he’s curated an impressive roster of talent that includes the likes of Kenny Dixon Jr. and Theo Parrish. Janson’s partnership with Philip Lauer as Tuff City Kids has also won critical acclaim, with releases on respected labels like Unterton and Delsin. His unpretentious, classic-leaning style is beloved by fans and fellow DJs alike, and his passion for the art of DJing shines through in every performance. In short, Gerd Janson is a name that deserves to be on the lips of every dance music enthusiast, a DJ who has earned his place at the top of the industry through sheer talent and hard work.

With a career spanning over two decades, John Noseda is a highly respected and versatile DJ with a reputation that extends beyond the borders of his native Belgium. As the originator of a dozen festivals, clubs, and events, he is a true music lover at heart, and his eclectic selection of tracks reflects his deep passion for the art form. John has already released a handful of beautifully crafted tracks on respected labels like Moustache Records, Running Back, Correspondant,… His productions perfectly reflect his three guiding principles – all smiles, euphoria, and high energy – much like his own John The Club parties and regular appearances at Belgium’s leading venues and festivals. Whether he’s playing to a packed festival crowd or an intimate club setting, John’s ability to read a room and keep the dancefloor moving is unparalleled. With his extensive knowledge of music and knack for mixing various genres seamlessly, John’s sets are a testament to his versatility as a DJ. Whether it’s disco, techno, house, or anything in between, John’s music selection and high-energy performances always leave the crowd wanting more.

Ezekiel 25:17 Soundsystem – a group of four music wizards, each with their own unique style and flair.
Lu6000, hailing from the not-so-charming city of Charles-King, has a legendary knack for curating world-class selections of bangers, making Spotify’s algorithm seem like child’s play. Jackpot!, the ultimate party animal, is famous for being the last groover on the dance floor, without ever needing to pop a single stimulant. Toolate Groove, a pure house-aholic and young producer from the ghost village of Dworp, shares his passion and professionalism through the palms of his hands, which some believe are a gift from the Lord Himself. And then there’s Dj Hermano, a great guy whose presence in the soundsystem remains a mystery, but adds an unexplainable energy that only he can bring.