The unforeseeable future of a healthy and vibrant music culture and nightlife scene is increasingly under attack, the pandemic brings new challenges, also closer relationship with politics remains a stumbling block, venue’s, artists and an enormous network of people working in our scene are struggling to survive and it is not over yet.

What will change? How can we make things better for ourselves and our visitors? and what can we expect of the nightlife culture future post covid?

For this edition of How I Work at Ampere we will invite insiders, professionals and lawmakers for an open discussion.

Now confirmed:

– Bart Roman (WECANDANCE, Fire Is Gold, Atmosphere Architects)
– Jochem Peeters (Full Circle, Kurious)
– Joachim Marynen (Ampere, Ampere Open Air, Sound Architecture)

More guest speakers will be announced soon

This event can be fully experienced both offline and online with the possibility for viewers to interact and ask questions or leave comments.
Tickets online 1st of April

This event can only take place with support of the Flemish government

How I Work is a series of talks with a focus on the music & nightlife industry. By inviting seasoned speakers and questioning them about their work, their experiences, their failures and their successes, How I Work tries to share the word and inspire a new generation of promoters, artists and organizers. Across different genres, topics like artist bookings, ecological festivals or how to run a club or a label have been discussed in the past.