Lars is currently enjoying the last days of his internship at Ampere, a job that took up most of his days (and nights!) this Spring. Curious to see what it’s like to discover nightlife from the inside? He’s sharing his impressions with us.

A: What made you choose Ampere to do your internship?

L: I’ve always been interested in organising events, and I’ve worked on a few myself, including Meadow festival in Herent. I’m also a lover of electronic music, so Ampere was a perfect match! It would be a dream for me to work in the music sector after my studies, which is why I chose Ampere: I knew I would learn a lot here in the short time that I get to spend here.


A: What kind of tasks are you responsible for throughout the week?

L: On weekdays I’m in the communication department. For example, I update all online calendars with our new events, I research various new possibilities to promote Ampere on social media… During the weekends before an event starts, I help with the production, and during the events, I am a stage manager.


A: Has your internship changed your vision of nightlife and culture? What have you learned?

L: What I mainly learned is that working in nightlife is full of obstacles and responsibilities. There are so many aspects that a venue like Ampere has to take into account, it’s actually a very serious business.


A: Which memories have marked you so far?

L: Being able to meet international artists is something I’ll never forget. And of course being a part of the Ampere team 😉