aking time to appreciate some of the underground’s greatest alumni and associates, Bone has curated a line up which brings together the originators from the Detroit scene and those that have been inspired by it. His friends for this special event are luminaries Juan Atkins, Deetron and Dave Angel.

All are known for the high octane mixing that Bone champions, this will be a fast and furious no holds barred session between some serious hitters. The connection between the artists on show goes back to the ’90s and its this level of understanding that will generate an unparalleled synergy in the DJ Booth and on the dancefloor.

Juan Atkins and Bone developed a close friendship as neighbours in Los Angeles. It was during a time Juan was not producing. Upon Bone visiting his apartment and it reignited his passion for production and lead to him turning the light on in his studio again. The Result, SUB-005 Rebound.

Deetron And Bone moved in similar circles, as parents and DJs they had their work-life balance had them instantly intune with one another. Yet it was a night spent sharing raclette and too many bottles of red wine which breed the partnership of The Storytellers and a music bond was formed that couldn’t be broken.

Dave Angel has always been a hero to Bone. First meeting last November and although the friendship is new, there was a common admiration between Dave and Bone. With a similar style when on the decks breeding mutual respect and a connection which only the most technically gifted DJs share. Since then the pair are in constant communication exchanging unreleased music.

Join us in Antwerp for an incredible night with hi-energy music rolling from the start.