The ten-tracker LP will be released on Shlomi Aber’s own imprint, Be As One closing the ten years celebration of the label and follows his 2010 album ‘Chicago Days, Detroit Nights’ on Ovum Recordings.

Through carefully crafted EPs on NonPlus, Figure, Be As One and more recently Odd Even, and Drumcode, Shlomi’s sound has continued to evolve and refine while drawing on influences from the early techno movement.

‘Linear Equations’ opens up with ‘Interior’, setting the tone for an introspective journey that will take you from the dub-infused techno of ‘Echo Mission’ and ‘Fractions’ to the acidic trip of ‘Midnight Spooks’ and ‘Mod3333’. Hypnotic techno on ‘Eimeon’ and ‘Fall Into Wonder’ flirt with broken beats on ‘Installer’ and climax with the floating percussions and anthemic pads of ‘State Of Sorrow’.

to Celebrate the release of this new album Shlomi Aber has selected some location throughout Europe to introduce his new works and for Belgium this is Ampere.

Line up:

Shlomi Aber
Smith Davis
Gavin Francis
Chester code
Black + Dekker