As temperatures drop down and the inflation rise up, we thought to offer an affordable club night featuring dutch producer/dj Roger Gerressen, new hot kid on the block Nathan Boost, Delbaen & Veebo aka Pur Sang, and Ampere residents Pirrès & Zephyr.

Roger Gerressen has been no stranger to the house scene the past decade. The Dutch born co-founded ESHU Records in 2011, an output that has gained solid recognition across the scene. Recognition came after a string of well received solo releases on Fear of Flying Records. He later founded OGUN Records and a few monikers (like the recent Monoaware and less recently Gasometric Run) to provide him with the creative freedom he was looking for. Since he joined Paris based Yoyaku (label/store/distribution) he had the chance to release music on a few of the recordstore’s in-house labels like Joule Imprint, Aku and Tartouffe and on the renowned label Sushitech. With their support, he set up two more labels to meet his output; Irenic Records and Autodidact Records. He plays regularly with the likes of DJ’s such as Andrey Pushkarev, Ben Buitendijk and the Yoyaku roster.
The Antwerp natives have been active for over a decade. Attracted to each other by the universal language of rhythm composers and rolling basslines, they decided to join forces after they met at the legendary USA Import Music record store in Antwerp. Over the years, they have taken their live set to many parties here in Ampere, sharing with legitimacy line ups with Thomas Melchior, Daniel Bell, Audio Werner or Fumiya Tanaka.
The talented Antwerp native is only at the beginning of his trajectory, but sky is the limit. With releases on Nowadays Magazine and Parallel Universe, he recently launched Hot Box Sound along his long time buddy Aymeric, a label where they plan to release their own material. Nathan Boost’s live set is bouncy, bleepy and extremely groovy. Such control over his baselines and drum arrangements makes him one of the most exciting producers coming out of Antwerp. Taking inspirations from the early days of tech-house but adding that modern touch, he took his live set to Contrair Festival this year and absolutely rocked the place.
Closing down this evening in the experienced hands of Pirrès & Zephyr. The two DJ’s will play together for the first time and have closed down Ampere on several occasions.
Free before 12, 5e after.
Free for Students (must show Student ID)