It was announced less than a month ago that we should not shake hands for the time being. With everything that happened in between, it seems like a lifetime ago. Closed restaurants, closed schools and working from home. The changes went fast in the past month. It is now clear that the return to ‘normal life’ will not go at the same speed.

At this moment over 2,000 people have died from the Coronavirus in Belgium. We would like to express our sincere condolences to the relatives and families of the victims. It’s now time for solidarity and compassion. Let’s see what we can do for others, support the elderly and encourage the brave healthcare workers who are on the front-lines during this pandemic. We’re all in this together and will have to sit through this and overcome this deadly virus together.

This can be the perfect time to revise our way of life, to appreciate the freedom we have and the beautiful world we live in. We will have to make some changes and start caring more about the earth. Now we as humans have a chance to set the course of the future so don’t let this pandemic be the start of the end, but the start of something new & sustainable.

All events until the 14th of June (this can be prolonged) are being moved to a new date. Your tickets remain valid for the new date.

Amphia Night w/ SIT, Amorf live, Dan Andrei, Cezar
-> moved to 26/09/2020

Vunzige Deuntjes
-> moved to 25/04/2020

Julian Perez | Sven Weisemann | A.Brehme | Ampere
-> moved to 18/09/2020

5 Years Ampere: Laurent Garnier
-> moved to 25/09/2020

Ampere presents Denis Sulta & DJ Boring
-> will be moved to a new date. We are currently looking for a new date together with Denis Sulta & DJ Boring. We are working on the following dates: 19/09, 06/10 or 14/10 respectively. We want a date that works for both artists. Tickets remain valid.

Borokov Borokov & David Vunk & Opium Hum | Ampere
-> moved to 07/11/2020

London Calling – 5 Years Anniversary
-> will be moved to a new date, we are currently looking for a new date together with London Calling. More info soon on the event page.

DJ Bone & Friends: Juan Atkins, Deetron, Dave Angel
-> moved to 16/10/2020

Nowhere But Here w/ Jan Blomqvist
-> moved to 17/10/2020

Bomb O Matic
-> moved to 11/09/2020

Ampere presents Len Faki
-> moved to 06/11/2020

If you aren’t able to make it to the new date, please try to sell your ticket on Ticketswap.
Questions about tickets? Mail to or visit

We hope you can try to understand that the decisions made are very drastic for us, the scene and our existence. You can also help to support by less ego and more creativity we like you to read the below message by Kyle Geiger before you take action. As we could not state it better than Kyle’s words.

“If you have presales for an event that got canceled in your city, consider that the people who are putting a lot on the line to keep a scene going are probably going to get hit hard. It’s gonna be your choice, but please consider not seeking a refund to help cushion the huge losses all these places are inevitably going to take in the days and weeks to come. If we leave it up to a select to absorb the blows of this and don’t look for ways we can personally sacrifice, this could devastate a lot of smaller scenes, promotors, and locations that you rely on and love.”

Please remain calm and stay safe.
We can overcome this together.
We wish you all a happy and healthy easter celebration.