The best DJs often make excellent tastemakers, but few ever lay the foundations for an entire music scene. Over the last decade, RPR Soundsystem have had an immeasurable impact on the electronic music landscape, in their homeland of Romania and across Europe.

Through their pioneering [a:rpia:r] label, Rhadoo, Petre Inspirescu and Raresh championed a style of stripped-back, hypnotic minimal techno that became known as the “Romanian sound”, inspiring a generation of young producers centred around Bucharest’s local scene. Today the three DJs are among electronic music’s most respected selectors, known for their marathon length sessions where they display their heady playing style. While each has carved his own take on this intricate sound, when they unite as RPR Soundsystem, their worlds merge…

visuals by DreamRec.
support warm-up by Lola Haro.

As warm-up for our Romanian friends we welcome Antwerp’s finest upcoming lady of house Lola Haro, Her love and passion for music and her authentic approach have been refreshing and gained her a lot of recognition in the Belgian club scene. Hypes these days come and go fast, but with Lola Haro it’s there to stay and we are happy to have her on this special night.

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