We have exciting news: from now on, you can keep us right in your pocket, at all times. Yes, that’s right! We have partnered with Appic to bring you even more content, practical information, contests, and even the opportunity to meet new people attending the same events.


Appic is your wingman/woman at every party! Using the app, you can browse all the most awesome festivals, events and clubs and follow your favourite artists, all in the same place. Thanks to the regular updates, all you need to know is always within reach. What else? You can easily put together your own timetable, check a festival map when you’re lost and even listen to new tracks.

Feeling social? Hear us out: with the ‘Meet-up’ function of Appic, you can get to know new people who attend the same events as you – or simply click ‘Favorites’ and find out which of your friends will be there as well.

Lost your friends at an event? Use the ‘Find Your Buddy’ function to locate them!

Last but not least: you can participate to giveaways and win free tickets, tokens, meet and greets for events and festivals.


Download the app (available for iPhone and Android) and follow your favourite artists, get updates about events you’re interested in and win tons of prizes!