With the recent announcement of the new lockdown, we have lost all hope for a reopening of the club until March 2021. Needless to say we are in rough water and are scared about our future of events and night culture.

We have been closed for over 8 months now with little government support and the outlook for the future is no better. We are forced to move all planned events to unconfirmed dates, this means that we are not 100% sure of the new date but will do our best to make it happen. We don’t want to ask you for handouts, but please consider not seeking a refund to help cushion the huge losses. We need your support to survive now the most. As we know these times are hard on all of us, Your support would mean the world to us. 

We are forced to stay closed and while we understand that we are the last to restart, please do not forget how many people worked in our sector and how many people we try to make happy every weekend. 

The future is unknown.