Ampere is calling out the local electronic music community in search of the next Belgium DJ or Producer talents. Are you one of the thousands of bedroom producers or deejays giving the best of themselves at home during this lockdown period. Then maybe now is the time to show the world what you are made of.

Aspiring producers and deejays will have until July 6 at midnight to create a unique original track or mix to enter this competition and talent search. We recommend everybody to dig deep and channel all your creativity as this might be the opportunity that opens the door you were looking for. We accept all genres within the wide electronic music spectrum. From ambient to future jazz, from drone techno to disco house, from minimal to jackin acid, industrial or even hip hop. As long as it is original, authentic, and real. For the deejays, we are looking for those boys and girls that love the true craft, respecting the roots, fundaments, and the ART of being a DJ. Those who live it and breathe it and are always ready to perform. Goes without saying we prefer deejays that mix vinyl or blend it with the use of CDJ’s. Please do not make a DJ mix in Ableton, or any easy DIY solutions unless you bring us the wow factor and new forms. The judges will notice. Please also NO commercial EDM or Trance. As we are looking for people of craft that can perform in any condition and not only with a pre-selected mix. The Ampere search for the real deejay has begun and maybe you will be soon playing in front of a full house in our venue, our festival, or on any online broadcast or radio, ready to share your skills with the world. We call all deejays and producers to start creating. So once again lock yourself up, make a comprehensive live mix or some mind-blowing original music and become an Ampere Talent.

We are searching for 2 talents: a deejay and a producer.

There is no specific genre or style we are seeking but it should fit Ampere. It can be an all-vinyl mix, hybrid, only CDJ’s, or anything else but you should be able to play live in front of a crowd.

Be creative, we accept all genres within the wide electronic spectrum. The track needs to be an unreleased and 100% original (no remix) production. You need to be able to perform your productions live on stage. PS we love analog freaks

We teamed up with some amazing partners and have put together a remarkable price package to kickstart your potential career, Winners will be rewarded with the following.

– Your music on vinyl by DEEPGROOVES vinyl pressing plant
– Your record distributed via SOUND ARCHITECTURE
– PIONEER HRM-7 producer headphones

– ARTURIA Midi controller by TURNLAB
– ARTURIA software package by TURNLAB
– €125 shop voucher by BAX SHOP

– LIVE performance at AMPERE OPEN AIR 2021
– LIVE performance at AMPERE ANTWERP
– Airtime and interviews on RADIO FG and FG XTRA Belgium

– PIONEER HDJ-X10 deejay headphones.
– €125 voucher by BAX SHOP
– €250 voucher for vinyl records by SOUND ARCHITECTURE

– DJ set at Ampere Open Air 2021
– Airtime and interview on RADIO FG and FG XTRA Belgium
– A Trial period at a well-known booking agency.

– Upload your mix or production on SoundCloud. The link needs to be private, downloadable and exclusive for Ampere, don’t send it as a promo or demo to a third party until we picked a winner

– Email your private Soundcloud link before July 6 at midnight to

– The subject of the email for deejays:
Ampere Talent Search – deejay – your artist name

– The subject of the email for producers:
Ampere Talent Search – producer – your artist name – track title

Winners will be announced July 19th.
More updates & info on our Facebook page.

During the upcoming weeks, we’ll share some useful tips & tricks from our partners and renowned DJs and producers.
Please make sure to attend the event page by putting yourself on “going”.

Have fun & remember:
participating is more important than winning

less ego – more creativity – love music.

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