Ampere is proud to open the doors again on the 5th of September and kick off the new club season together with Antwerp Fashion Festival. Ambivalent, Trus’Me, Peter Van Hoesen and Ampere-Resident Arne are on the bill.



AMBIVALENT aka LA-4A live (M-nus, Delft), US

Ambivalent’s steady presence in techno over the last 9 years has helped establish him as a credible, reliable voice on underground dancefloors around the world. He’s garnered support from some of the most revered names in the genre, both for his productions and DJ sets. Having released with labels such as Ovum, Cocoon, Mobilee and Minus he’s developed a broad and loyal following.


TRUS’ME (Prime Numbers), UK

With his love for music tracing way back to an early age by dabbling with various instruments and then moving on to develop a passion for record collecting, Trus’me found his calling after learning the art of mixing and sample digging. Surrounded by the heads of Manchester and its deep rooted music scene, one couldn’t deny that it was an effortless task to be exposed to good music from all genres, thus explaining his constantly evolving tastes as evident in his eclectic DJ sets as well as in his uniquely, diverse productions.


PETER VAN HOESEN (Time To Express, Ostgut Ton), BE

Belgium’s Peter Van Hoesen has never been that typical techno artist. Although considered as one of the genre’s tastemakers he is someone who sculpts sounds for many different environments – the club, the home, the gallery or museum. He does so with a true sense of personality. On his own label Time to Express he releases textural compositions and he also records to great acclaim as Sendai alongside Yves de Mey. In performance terms, Peter lays down dark and arresting techno sets as well as captivating, story-telling live musical journeys.


ARNE (Sound Architecture, Ampere)

Doors: 23:00h