Ampere Records, our brand new in-house label striving for creativity, boldness, and raw talent.

We’re really excited to present to you our next musical journey, a quest that started last year when we sent out a call for unknown talent, the quality and creativity we received blew us away, laying the foundation for our new label.

The first release will be out this Thursday and there is no better debut for us than the debut of freq444. After winning our Talent Search and playing the infamous Boiler Room this EP will be the first official release of the duo. The “Lost Flight” EP is an envisioning of the period it was created: amidst the first lockdown of 2020. With deep basslines, floating ambient synths and etheric breaks, it not only acts as an introduction to freq444’s sounds but also as a look into the confusing and dystopian time it was created in.

EP preview: