The Sushitech Records Decade tour makes a stop in Ampere, bringing along Delano Smith, Tobias. and Yossi Amoyal, supported by José Noventa.




DELANO SMITH (Sushitech Records, Mixmode Recordings), USA

Born in Chicago and raised on Detroit’s West side, Delano Smith represents one of the last of a rare group of Detroit’s first house DJs. Perhaps it was the juvenile absorption of the sights and sounds around him during his first 5 years in the Windy City coupled with his experience during the new DJ craze of his high school years in Detroit that influenced Delano the most or maybe it is simply that enigmatic link between music people in Chicago and Detroit, known to insiders as the I94 Connection. Regardless of the reason for his natural ear for the deep and groovy, Delano can lay claim to a legacy that most Detroit jocks cannot. When performing outside of his native city, Delano’s unique sets highlight the fact that his skills were forged in an era before the rigid lines of house and techno genres appeared.


TOBIAS. (Sushitech Records, Ostgut Ton), DE

How does one achieve to become a mainstay in a scene as temporary as electronic music? In the case of Tobias Freund, all the answers are there, yet they will most probably not apply to anybody but him. Sure, it might help to gather encyclopedic knowledge through the years about music ranging from Post Punk to Stockhausen and all points in between (and much beyond), but if you are not able to shape that into a personal artistic vision, it is very likely that your potential audience might prefer the artists your very knowledge consists of. In the works of Tobias Freund, inspirations are more to be suspected than to be pinned down. You feel they must be there. They just have to, if only for lack of better explanations. Still, his works are so original and individual that they have become a part of said knowledge themselves. Nobody else sounds like him, they just try to. He owns his sound.


YOSSI AMOYAL (Sushitech Records), DE

Berlin based Producer, Mixing Engineer and DJ. Owner and A&R of Sushitech Records.


JOSÉ NOVENTA (Wanted Berlin), BE

In a world where dance soirees and beat banquets are dominated by savages, beasts and other strange organisms the presence of this young fellow is a blessing. With Ahmed costumes in his closet and a cattle of bisons in his stable José Noventa reveals himself as a thoroughbred entertainer, a true party crasher. But, beside a strong wish to divert and entertain he has an even bigger will to please audiences with music.


Doors: 23h