Ampere proudly presents a night with U.K underground icon Paul Woolford under his ravey and breaks-heavy moniker Special Request, alongside Bristol-based bass music specialist LCY and Belgian duo freq444.

special request | uk

Inspired by the unruly conventions of UK pirate radio stations, the new project captures the raw energy and diversity of the illegal airwaves that have been an immeasurable influence on the artist over the years. His Special Request alias is driven by rave-ready bass, jungle techno with avalanches of breakbeats. He describes it as “the ruffage, the rowdy younger brother” of his previous output as Paul Woolford.
The prolific Leeds-based producer has come a long way, from the early days of acid house and the institution Back To Basics, to releasing 3 albums in 2019 on Houndstooth. It’s an immense honour and pleasure to have him play in Ampere.
lcy | uk
As a DJ and producer at the core of a new generation of women taking electronic music by storm in the UK, LCY’s seen her profile sky rocket over the last three years. Bristol-born and formerly known as L U C Y,  LCY is a member of collective 6 Figure Gang, and owner of the leftfield bass-rooted label SZNS7N, who recently dropped a self-titled EP of fearsome club weaponry. The label plans to continuously push innovative music and visual art with a big focus on creative collaboration further in 2020.
freq444 | be
Freq444 (pronounced Frequency Four-fourty-four) is an emerging duo from Paris & Brussels, born in the midst of the first lockdown, they have relentlessly been making music the past year, and their debut EP landed this year on Ampere Records. For fans of hybrid techno/IDM, atmospheric breakbeats, this one is for you.