French deephouse mainstay Silver Network strikes down at Ampere for a label showcase with Subb-an (UK), Ben Vedren Live (FR), Jef K (FR), supported by Pirrès.



SUBB-AN (Silver Network, Crosstown Rebels, Visionquest), UK

A dynamic producer with a firm understanding of what it takes to move a dancefloor, Subb-an’s music has more than a little mystery about it. His productions are deep, raw, soul heavy and although always achingly relevant, glance backwards through a long lineage of house masters – his influences are sited as Craig Richards, Villalobos, Ryan Elliot, Zip, Professor Inc and Delano Smith. As a DJ, his sets pass between house and deep techno, balancing swing, groove and potent bottom end notes.


BEN VEDREN Live (Silver Network, Concrete, Minibar), FR

Ben Vedren is a musician, producer, DJ and certified Ableton Live trainer. His set up has been built and customized with this vision in mind: to be as open as possible to instant creativity, as well as keeping the energy that can produce the usual DJ ’s 2 decks set up way of playing, and bringing the experience to a next level.


JEF K (Silver Network, Moodmusic) FR


PIRRÈS (Silver Network, Ampere) BE


Doors: 23h