Ampere proudly presents a night with Shanti Celeste, alongside home crowd favourite Bibi Seck, Nathan Boost and Ampere resident Zephyr.

There is something vivacious at the heart of Shanti Celeste’s work, a bounce, a swing, an uplifting lilt.
Her career to date has been characterised by a contemporary, U.K. take on the classic Motor City sound. The expansive, emotional visions of the early Techno pioneers are reflected in Celeste’s open take to her craft.
Her approach to production has leant her DJing a breath that has earned her a distinct enthusiasm amongst today’s electronic music base. This freedom is reflected on the platforms she shares her craft through – her regular NTS Radio show, and more recently, her label Peach Discs. These outlets provide Shanti with a place to amplify talent she meets, hears and wants to help along the way. Dancing, and the music that gets us there, exists to uplift, and in her life and work, Shanti is the embodiment of an elevated state.


Antwerp’s Bibi Seck is known to make venues drip sweat from their ceilings with her energetic sets that jam-pack the dance floor instantly. Her trademark: big hair, bold style and a carefully curated track selection make her the most stylish music selector on the block. Bibi’s sets contain everything funky and eighties, or garage, house and other electronic influences. Wether it’s hosting her own show on Belgium’s premiere radio station Studio Brussels, pulling out all the stakes for a prime-time festival slot under her new Disco Seck concept or pulling up to the bumper in a grimy underground club… Crowds everywhere know exactly why Bibi Seck is the main gal-in-chief.

The talented Antwerp native is only at the beginning of his trajectory, but sky is the limit. With releases on Nowadays Magazine and Parallel Universe, he recently launched Hot Box Sound along his long time buddy Aymeric, a label where they plan to release their own material. Nathan Boost’s live set is bouncy, bleepy and extremely groovy. Such control over his baselines and drum arrangements makes him one of the most exciting producers coming out of Antwerp. Taking inspirations from the early days of tech-house but adding that modern touch, he took his live set to Contrair Festival, and in Ampere not too long ago. The place was absolutely shaking. Here he is again with new material and his machines.


Originally from France, Zephyr has been active since 2014, where he started dj’ing in clubs in his hometown, Rouen. He now lives in Antwerp and runs the Sound Architecture record shop and is the latest addition to Ampere residents. Behind the turntables, Zephyr brings a bold mix of unearthed feel-good club music, deeply rooted in the 90’s. In the world of Zephyr, the past, the present, and the future all come together in a musical conglomeration, never loosing sight of what the floor needs, with a healthy dose of twists-and-turns, breaks, acid and twisted vocals. He goes far and wide across sub-genres in order to build a consistent balance between high-energy and deeper moments, playing the right record at the right time.