On the 15th of October we’ve invited Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue) and Ulf Eriksson to present their 17-track mix CD called The Dance. The Dance was inspired by hybrid live and DJ performances the duo’s mounted over the last year and was recorded in one-take at Inkonst in Malmö, Sweden.

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The river of time flows on, for the world, the cosmos, and the life of Sebastian Mullaert, one half of the internationally acclaimed Swedish duo Minilogue. 2014 marks a new chapter that will see him focus on his solo work and take a hiatus from Minilogue, after playing, producing, and performing with close friend Marcus Henriksson for more than 16 years. Just last year Minilogue released their second long player “Blomma” on Sven Väth’s Cocoon Recordings imprint, touring across the globe and playing their trademark sound to dedicated fans the world over. Those who have seen their live performances experienced bona-fide musicians, devoid of the type of image-centric artist seeking to win over audiences with a musical business plan. Instead their shows have been self forgetting, spontaneous and driven live events, both for the artists and the audience. The energy of their inter-dimensional sonic landscapes, ranging from techno, house, and ambient, is equally at the heart of Sebastian Mullaert’s very own solo sound journeys – both as a producer and DJ. He is simply interested in delivering music to dance to, music that allows all around to become one and attune to a spiritual energy beyond the separating self. A beautiful quote pointing towards the greatness of dance.

For the first half of the year he will DJ with a similar ethos stylewise to what is revered of Minilogue – delivered with his own feel for rhythmical journeys full of musical detail in melody, chords, and tones. Music that shall orbit around your head and spread a sense of timelessness bidding farewell to any feeling of time and place.

In the second half of 2014 Sebastian will begin performing live playing his latest solo works, music that will soon see the light of the day on his brand-new vinyl only label Wa Wu We, and other imprints he holds dear. For these performances he is developing a new live setup that will present his latest works alongside on the fly creations borne out of free-spirited improvisation. His live sets will additionally function as an open platform to enable and encourage spontaneous adventures with other artists, improvised jams with electronic instruments, acoustic musicians, and DJs. A particular project of note will be back to back performances with Ulf Eriksson, owner of the sublime and difficult to pigeonhole Kontra-Musik label. So the river of time continues to flow, and Sebastian Mullaert takes this inevitability as a driving force to stride into the future without leaving behind his musical past…

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Ulf Eriksson runs Kontra-Musik, a label based in Malmö, Sweden’s southernmost city. Kontra’s carefully curated catalogue and divergent aesthetic is having an increasingly significant influence on electronic music internationally. Kontra-Musik is a label that fully embraces today’s radically open aesthetic. Its artists include among others: TM404, Frak, Mokira, Jonsson & Alter, Jason Fine, Sebastian Mullaert and Rivet with remixes from Morphosis, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann and Heinrich Mueller to name a few. A labor of love, the label has flourished and boosted the profile of all the artists involved including Eriksson himself. Eriksson is nowadays a very visible DJ outside Sweden, holding many live dates. Being a vinyl dj for almost 20 years, his sets is the result of someone who still consider dj-ing a true art form and a tool to go deep into music over time.

His dj-sets are a reflection of the label output, blending styles with ease, mixing with personality, perfection and an open mind. Ulf has several mixes out on respected on curated podcast series, including Boiler Room, Input Selector, Modyfier, mnml ssgs, Smoke Machine and RBMA.

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