Ampere welcomes Berlin’s hottest flash of energy Patrick Mason, alongside local icons Natasja, Mati Drome and Volunt Barbati.

Patrick Mason epitomises the energy of Berlin’s New Underground: energised, engaged and unmissable. Born cutting shapes on the dance floor at Berghain, graduating to ripping the roof off Panorama Bar with SRVD, Patrick is now burning up clubs from Kyiv to Paris and Moscow to Copenhagen, leaving clubbers wowed in his wake. Whether tearing up parties at Porzellan Bar, Pornceptual or ADE with his hybrid sets of techno and house, Patrick Mason has designs on your feet, your nights and the future of clubbing. Prepare for a high-energy show by the inimitable Patrick Mason.
Antwerp’s finest female dj/producer Natasja never holds back when she is punching kicks. The Belgian is merciless with her dark, pounding sound and will haunt your night for hours. With her love for the raw and banging techno and her weak-ness for the industrial music, she provides a maximum dancefloor impact with her unique selection of tracks.
Mati Drome is perhaps the punkiest DJ Antwerp has to offer, and we say that in a good way. If the influences of the late great Keith Flint are obvious, Mati is a unique character of his own. Founder of the infamous Drag Me to Hell collective, he is known for throwing out-of-the-ordinary raves with spooky themes and hot-as-hell outfits. Behind the booth, Mati often dives into the harsh and ravey sounds of early uk hardcore, industrial and acid techno, with the odd mutant-like electro track here and there.
Volunt Barbati is known for his long beard and his fierce sets with influences drawn from industrial techno, early hardcore and rave. Founder of the Hard Harder Hardst party concept, he has turn Ampere to pieces more than once. Never a dull moment when Volunt Barbati is on stage.