Ampere proudly presents two of the most finest and well respected vinyl selecters known for their long sets at respected club nights such as Noon at Club Der Visionaire, Undersound, The notorious Breakfast club and the well respected powerhouse called Fabric London.

Nicolas Lutz | My Own Jupiter | UR
Binh | Perlon | GE
Curtis | Drrrip Radio
Laurens | Feiren

less ego – more creativity


From Jupiter to Berlin and countless capitals in between, Nicolas Lutz has always operated best on the very outskirts of dance floor culture. A master of mystery and relentless seeker, his knack for unearthing precious gemstones -for immediate exploitation and then, slowly but surely, the greater good of the community- is uncanny, and its this insistence on clearing a path between the unknown and the utterly unexpected that elevate his sets into explorations of faraway lunar landscapes and charters through the depths of murky seas. Never one to compromise or contradict a steadfast musical philosophy, one only needs to see the owner of My Own Jupiter in action to understand the existence of his cult following.

about BINH

Margaret Dygas: “Binh has a great and often surprising taste in music. He has a passion for finding unique records that you maybe wouldn’t think of picking out yourself, but once you hear him playing them in the club they totally work.”

Nicolas Lutz, another close friend, agrees. “Binh searches for records every​where he goes,” he told me. “He goes deep on digging and you can hear ​it​ when he plays. There’s no ​specific genre, just good records.”

Like so many of his closest cohorts, Nguyen is a record nerd at heart. So much of his energy goes into searching for new sounds. Speaking to him, it’s hard to tell what he finds more satisfying: looking for records or playing them in clubs. It’s no longer as simple as visiting a second-hand record store and flicking through the racks—the internet is now the weapon of choice for a new generation of DJs, including Nguyen. Discogs is the gateway to a seemingly infinite source of forgotten labels and artists, found only through crafty and obsessive searching. The eras and genres Nguyen and his friends search through aren’t particularly distant—the group have reaffirmed that late ’90s tech house, early UK techno and ’90s electro were extremely fertile periods, full of great music that remains undiscovered.