Ampere is proud to present a night with pillars of the underground dubstep scene, DMZ co-founder Mala, Hyperdub founder Kode9 and national treasure AliA.

MALA | uk
It doesn’t get any better than this. A must see/listen for any Dubstep/Bass Music head. Mala is considered one of the most forward thinking artist coming out of the UK in the past two decades. But to people who have been touched by his music or moved by his DJing, he holds a deeper place in their hearts. Through certain frequencies, his music carries a message that fundamentally connects people. He co-founded with Coki & Loefah the iconic output DMZ and his own output Deep Medi Muzik. A visionary producer who has set a bass music revolution in the UK. It’s once again a true honour to welcome back Mala inside our walls.

KODE9 | uk
Talking about pioneers of the underground electronic music scene in the UK, we cannot omit to mention one of dubstep’s chief spokespeople, former resident at FWD and boss of Hyperdub Records : Kode9. He was one of the founding members of the early dubstep scene with his late collaborator The Spaceape. He has released four full-length albums: 2006’s Memories of the Future and 2011’s Black Sun (both with The Spaceape), Nothing (2015), and Escapology (2022). As owner of Hyperdub, Goodman has signed artists such as Burial, DJ Rashad, Zomby, and Fatima Al Qadiri.

ALIA | be
Truely one of Belgium’s own national treasure. Alia’s stunning ascension is nothing short of surprising or shocking. Her talent and ear for music has raised attention across many clubs in Europe, and rightly so. Her set at Horst Festival 2022 just before Digital Myztikz was one for the books. Blending all sorts of sub-genres of electronic music with her unique style of mixing, she had complete control of the 1000 people just in front of her. She was also given a “carte blanche” at Contrair Festival this year, with artists like Pearson Sound or DJ EZ. There was no one better suited to play on a night like this than Alia.

Producer & dj from Antwerp, with releases on King K Rool Records (London, UK) & Kosmos Music (Moscow, RU) with some heavy new jungle signings on the way. Behind the decks Figures brings an eclectic mix of all things bass going from funky jungle cuts to bouncing footwork or booty tunes and dnb. Originator of City Flow Music, promotor of the drum&bass orientated nights at Ampere Antwerp and head promotor/booker for Club Capital.