The Lumberjacks in Hell crew returns to Ampere after a storming kick off with Detroit’s own Moodymann. The are ready for another night of unalduterated nasty disco madness with more Mahogany Music madness and Chicago Street Edit craftmanship.

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DAN SHAKE (Mahogany Music, Lumberjacks In Hell) UK

Perhaps best known as the first ever non-Detroit artist to be signed to Moodymann’s prestigious label Mahogani Music, London based Dan Shake has been making his mark on dance-floors all over Europe, both with his distinctive productions and his expertise in working a crowd. The former Leeds student secured the feat in a charmingly anachronistic fashion: having just watched Kenny Dixon Jr perform alongside the 3 Chairs at Dimensions Festival, Dan simply handed over a demo CD with a collection of unreleased tracks. Moodymann was hooked almost instantly, taking the first plunge on welcoming an outsider into his tight-knit crew of Detroit strong artists. Citing influence from the layered percussive rhythms of Afrobeat pioneers such as Tony Allen and Fela Kuti, the soul-drenched sampling of J Dilla and the kind of dark, dense grooves laid out by contemporary producers such as Flying Lotus and Motor City Drum Ensemble, Dan’s situation in winding up on a label renowned for encompassing all those traits is obviously a blessing for the young producer.

RAHAAN (Street Edits, Lumberjacks In Hell) US

Rahaan has been dropping disco and funky house beats to retro music heads since the 80’s when he and his friends use to dance at the best house parties in Chicago – Rahaan’s home state and most importantly, the place which gave birth to House music. Playing at house parties in Chicago obviously done Rahaan some good, as he is now a successful DJ and music producer in his own right. The thing about Rahaan is that he defiantly knows his art, and it is his outstanding skill behind the decks that has brought him from the Chicago underground circuit out onto the international playing field of Japan, Australia, Amsterdam, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, England, throughout America.


MARCEL VOGEL (Lumberjacks In Hell) NL

Over two decades ago, Marcel Vogel became musically inspired by one of the four elements of hip-hop while watching turntable DJs scratching rap records. Later on, Marcel began buying drum and bass on vinyl and was heavily influenced by listening to Derrick Carter as he mixed The Many Shades of Cajual. Fast forward to today, where Vogel now celebrates 20 years of DJing while also constantly pushing out new talent from the helm of his two labels, Intimate Friends and Lumberjacks in Hell. Now the German-born, Amsterdam resident will celebrate five years of his Lumberjacks in Hell label with a new 2 x 12″ compilation LP titled From Hell with Love, in stores now, as well as a supporting European tour.



MVMNT (Vice City) BE