We are out of orbit to announce our special guest and support for the second night in a series of five Ampere birthday celebrations. After the bad news during Ampere Open Air where we needed to cancel his performance due to a serious back injury. Being hospitalized it was for a while uncertain if Len could return back behind the decks. Luckily for everybody, Len Faki is back and stronger than ever. So here he is back in Antwerp to make up for a lost show and let us make it one to remember. Support is by Haissem and bedroom find, Sonek Space.

Len Faki | figure | ostgut ton | DE
Sonek Space

Berlin-based DJ, producer, and label owner Len Faki is one of the most outstanding and in-demand artists in techno’s present age. He is an internationally requested DJ, whose productions and remixes are played by techno’s most prominent names. His bone-dry but communicative execution style sets him apart as a true gentleman behind the turntables, an artist whose sets are based on raw passion and beauty, who uses his fingertips like sensors on a Richter scale, gauging, anticipating as well as triggering eruptions on the dance floor.

tickets are online now and going fast.